Space4Women Network

Space4Women (S4W) is an international group of scientists, engineers, educators, artists and others who share the common goals of creating inclusive policy and advancement opportunities for women in space sectors worldwide, ensuring access to STEM education and training for all, and enabling women and girls everywhere to realize benefits from advancements in space technologies.

Brief History

In October 2017, UNOOSA and UN Women hosted an inaugural Space for Women” Expert Meeting at the United Nations in New York, with the goal of creating and prioritizing specifics for an envisioned “Space for Women” project. Attendees, including approximately 60 women from around the world, heard from government and private enterprise administrators and policymakers, scientists, aerospace professionals, engineers, educators, and arts/media professionals. Many made individual presentations and all participated in discussions on the topics covered. On the final day of the event, a high-level panel at UN Headquarters approved recommendations from the Expert group, including the creation of an online platform for exchange, communication and coordination, and establishment of a global network of space professionals, role models and mentors working to further the advancement of girls and women in space sectors worldwide.

Valuable contacts were made, resulting in the self-organized, global Space4Women (S4W) group that continued to work alongside UNOOSA to support and encourage women and girls globally. In 2020, when UNOOSA launched its formal Space4Women network, including a  mentoring program, many of the women who had participated in initial discussions at the UN and subsequent organization of the S4W group were named mentors.

Members of the S4W group stay connected through online meetings and social media and continue to collaborate on research and scholarship, to initiate and organize specifically focused interest groups, to plan and host educational events, and to share professional accomplishments.



Current and Ongoing Projects:

  • Model Mars educational project in development by Futuristas
  • Africa STEM Initiative to equip rural schools in Nigeria with tech and learning materials
  • EDsnaps interviews with S4W members, done by youth for youth
  • Scheherazade: She Speaks Science, STEM/STEAM storytelling site
  • Women’s Space Registry to preserve and share international women’s space history

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